Nigeria is potentially Africa’s richest country. It is the ninth largest producer of crude oil in the world. Yet poverty is at a record high, unemployment has reached a frightening level. We have a neglected portion of the society – part of the lower rung of the ladder: the widows, orphans and seniors.

With this obvious social imbalance comes a passion which birthed the HMG Foundation. It is the not the run-of-the-mill non-for-profit organization but one with a clear defined vision and mission statement under the watchful eyes of a reputable Board, dynamic Management and in collaboration with willing and dependable partners.

Ngandoru Spring
Reclamation Project:

What started as a simple visit to a community by one of the members of the HMGF team soon turned out to be a life changing encounter for the whole community. One which brought tears of joy to the elder, many of whom had lost all hope of seeing such development in their time. One also one that won the kind words and prayers of the community head and spiritual leader..


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